OSTF would not be possible without the generous support of our donors.

Thank you all. 


Oberlin College and Conservatory

Nord Family Foundation

Mr. Nikhil Srinivasan

John P. Murphy Foundation

Emily and T.K. McClintock

Nordson Corporation Foundation

Ohio Arts Council

City of Oberlin/Oberlin Business Partnership

Benefactor ($500– $999)

David A Cotton

Carol Ganzel

Mr. Anthony J. Kohut and Mr. David. C. Heller

Carl and Mary McDaniel

Backer ($250 – $499)

Lee C Drickamer

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Jarosz

Mr. Jiyul Kim and Professor Sheila Jager

Terence and Holly Stanton

Robert and Rose Wagner

Friend ($101 – $249)

Mr. David R. Ashenhurst

Erik and Michele Andrews

Charles and Monica Annable

Bill and Inger Barlow

Gerry and George Blomgren

Errol M. Browne

Rev and Mrs. Robert E Butcher

Molly Carver

Richard and Nancy Cecil

Wuu-Shung and Mann-Mann Chuan

Joseph and Suzanne Colucci

Mr. Thurston Cosner

Lyn Cope

Robert W Dague

Raymond English and Alison Ricker

Joanne and John Bruce Erwin

Dr. J. Peter and Carol Fegen

William and Barbara Fuchsman

General Electric Foundation

John Gates and Linda Myles Gates

Catherine Klima Gletherow

Tadaaki and Susan Hatta

Ms. Mary E. Heatwole

Donald and Glenda Hilliker

Friend cont.

Ron and Marie Ivkanec

David J James, Jr

Lisa M Rau and Lawrence S Kranser

Mr. Richard J. Krolikowski

Sue Ely Krueger

Mr. and Mrs. Dayton E. Livingston

Lori and Paul Linskey

Robert and Carol Longsworth

Nina S Love

Jane A Mathison

Emma Jean Mason

Siobhan O’Neill

William and Joy Powell

Jane F Rowland

Ted and Kathie Siller

Nancy Smith

Mr. Paul Spierling

Lynn Powell and Daniel Stinebring

Tom Thompson

Carol S Tufts

Kim Peters and Ed Vermue

Mr. Carl E. Weber

Kevin and Susan Weidenbaum

Donor ($100)

Robert and Suzanne Barsay
Ms. Linda F. Baumbach
Ms. Kelly J. Cassidy
Mr. Eric J. Dawson
Ms. Anne Gregoire
Rabbi Michael and Sheila Hecht
Mr. and Mrs. Duane E. Horning
Mr. John Kneebone and Ms. Jean Fiumara
Mr. Larry Render
Mr. Carter L. Sligh
Major Darrick Strange

This donation list is current as of June 24, 2016.